Mar 12, 2010

Orange Chocolate Chapter 6

Here's Orange Chocolate Chapter 6.  Some minor changes were made to the pages I released for the preview, so make sure you read the the whole thing.  We finally get to the beginning of Chiro and Ritsu's dance.  I apologize now for the nasty cliffhanger.

Link to Orange Chocolate Chp 6 (Folks who want to upload to manga aggregator websites, please wait until 3/13/2010 just in case a change or two happens)

Next up is very short Hana-Kimi omake from Sept 2008.  It's only 8 pages, so it shouldn't take too long once I start translating it (I plan to start on Monday unless I find time this weekend.  Tomorrow I need to work on my websites).  After the Hana-Kimi omake, then it's onto Orange Chocolate Chp 7. 

So here's the plan through March:

Hana-Kimi Sept 2008 Omake -- ETA:  3/17 -- Done!
Ouran Chp 79 -- ETA:  end of March (depends on when I get the raw)
Orange Chocolate Chp 7 -- ETA:  3/22
Hana-Kimi Aug 2009 Omake:  Early April
Kaicho-san no Neko Chp 1 -- ETA:  Early April