Jan 28, 2010

Orange Chocolate Chp 1 Scanlation

Here is Chapter 1 of "Orange Chocolate," our newest project.  Sapphire Pyro wrote a great introduction to the series on Hyper Parfait. Many thanks to Pyro!

Just a warning, the main female character, Chihiro, does refer to herself in the third person.  I wouldn't interpret this as she's being narcissistic, so much as in her head she is still 4-yrs old.  I think we've all seen quite a few manga and anime series in which little kids refer to themselves in the 3rd person.  For me it was a bit off-putting at first, but now I see that it's just part of Chiro's charm.  My hope is as the story progresses, Chiro will mature and quit talking like a 4-year old.  I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

Link to Orange Chocolate Chapter 1

Give it a read and give me some feedback.

I'm working on chapter 2 now (scanning) and I expect it to be released in 7 - 10-days.