Nov 15, 2009

New Manga Trial: Morie Satoshi's "Love Sick"

Here's the first chapter of Morie Satoshi's "Love Sick."  This manga didn't hook me, but since I completely translated the chapter, I figured I should go ahead and scanlate it so you all can read it too and give some feedback.  Please, forgive me for any typos because I only did one quick proofread myself since this is just a trial.  I will not be scanlating this series because it's not very interesting to me.  However, if you are interested, perhaps having the first chapter already translated will help you petition another scanlation group.

Link to Morie Satoshi's "Love Sick" Sick 1

Anyhow, this reminds me of a twisted Ouran clone.

Next up is the special chapter of "Yoroshiku Master" that seems to be in place of chapter 8.  I don't know why, but there appears to be no chapter 8 in that series.  After that, I will get back to Arakure and wrap up that series before continuing Yoroshiku Master and looking as some other manga series.