Jul 6, 2009

Ouran Chp 71 and 72 in Black and White

07/31/2009: I corrected a couple of minor translation errors

I didn't know it was important to everyone to have the manga scanlations in black and white. Personally, I like the original color from the manga magazine. I also like the texture of the paper. I guess I'm weird.  I also corrected some typos in Chp 72 and made some minute wording changes to clean things up a little. Here are the links:

Chp 71 (Retired) version 2
Chp 72 (Retired) version 4 (updated 7/31/2009)

Sorry about that, from now on, I'll put the scanlations in black and white. It's a 3-click process, so it's no big deal. Again, please do not upload these to manga aggregator websites without my permission.