Jul 13, 2013

New Series: "many" Chapter 1 by Kakeru Tsutsumi

Tonight we are debuting a new short series "many". It's only three chapters long, and we anticipate releasing the next two chapters within this month (though I'm not promising that).

Thanks to Peonine for a lovely translation, Suzume and Yoriko for cleaning and redrawing, and lastly to Holanio for typesetting.

Retranslation Partners:
La Noche de los Caidos -- Spanish

On to the release!
Links to "many" Chapter 1: (Zip) (PDF)

My thoughts on the first chapter:
The lovely and delicate artwork attracted me to this mangaka. This series has a nice summer feel.  Typically, I don't like high school love trains, but the characters are likable and the pacing is good so I didn't get bored reading the first chapter.  I'm glad, though, this series will be limited to three chapters.

Next up will be "Hakamori Majo Bianca" tomorrow!