Jun 6, 2011

"The Ghost Apartment Manager" Chapter 5

The zip for this chapter is watermarked with the same big and annoying watermarks on "Junketsu + Kareshi" chapter 9.  It seems that some folks haven't gotten the message, so I have have to resume the watermarking.  The PDF is clean, though.  Those of you viewing the PDF on a mobile device or a tablet will not notice any degradation in image quality, however, some of you with PC's connected to high resolution monitors will notice a decrease in image quality.

On to the chapter!  This chapter continues the Kyariko arc.  In it we learn why she's still bound to Earth, but we don't find out what closure she wants so she can move on to the next world.  Of course Kyariko is in love with one of her male teachers, but the story of her crush is told thoughtfully so I'm not foaming at the mouth in anger over the matter.

Links to the "Ghost Apartment Manager" chapter 5:  (Zip -- watermarked) (PDF -- not watermarked, viewable on mobiles and tablets)

I don't have deep thoughts to add about this chapter.  It's nice gentle read, with a quick dirty zinger, and a bit of a shock at the end.  As usual, the side characters are very funny and Sekka seems to be getting some nice lesons about life.

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Next up is "Blue Rhapsodia" by Akane Ogura!  Please look forward to it!