Feb 19, 2011

Halloween in February: "The Devil Mansion's Teacher"

(Joint with The Zero Alliance)

This one-shot was supposed to come out last Halloween, but because I underestimated the amount work needed to do the image editing and redraws, we couldn't get it done in time.  Fortunately, things came together now, so we'll have a little bit of Halloween in February.

Again, this is another project that is a little different from want we usually do (one more project like this, then I can't say that anymore...haha).  This story isn't actually all that spooky, it's more of a spooky motif.  The story itself is quite heartwarming and I really like Nayuta. Like Pika Ichi, this one-shot is a collaboration between sisters.  I hope to see more from them.  In the past they've done short shounen series in the Gan Gan Magazines.

Links "The Devil Mansion's Teacher": (Zip) (PDF)

Next up is "Kemono Kingdom: Zoo" Chp 3.