Jan 16, 2011

Winter One-Shot #2: "His and Her Sleepless Winter"

Here is the second of our winter one-shots, "Kare to Kanojo no Futomin" or "His and Her Sleepless Winter".  I really like this story and I wish I saved it for Valentine's Day, because I don't think the one-shot I've selected can compare in sweetness and romance.  I guess we'll have to wait and see :).  "Ginrou no Sakura" has a completely different set of "charm points" and will appeal for different reasons than this one-shot.  Getting out of the weeds and back to the story at hand:

Links to "His and Her Sleepless Winter":  (Zip -- High Quality) (PDF -- medium quality but convenient)

Our last winter one-shot, "World End Garden", will be released mid-March.

Next up are the debuts of our two new series "Yukarism" and "The Ghost Apartment Manager".  Please look forward to them!