Sep 3, 2010

Hana to Akuma Chp 54 Spoilers + Hana Kimi News

I got Hana to Yume Issue 19 today.

The freebie is a pair of Monochrome Kids paper clips:

Here's the latest on Hana to Akuma:

Here are a few of the key pages that summarize the events in "Hana to Akuma" Chp 54 (Sorry for the ever changing summary that I wrote earlier).
Links to the Hana to Akuma Chp 54 Highlights:  (Zip)(PDF)

There's nothing about how many chapters are left in the series.

Other news: there's a new volume of "Hana Kimi" coming out.  It's called "Hana-Kimi: Afterschool."  It appears to be a compilation of the extra stories that came out after the official end of the series.

I wonder if this means there will be a Viz version for the US?  That would be wonderful :)!